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15 Minutes of Radio Fame - And a show I will never forget

About to start my interview for North by Northwest!

In preparation for my show on International Women's Day as a performer for Wingspan Dis/Arts initiative, I had the pleasure and great fun of being interviewed for CBC's North by Northwest, The Early Edition, and for SiriusXM's Canada Now! I've never been in such demand, and I've got to admit, a little part of me loved it. I'm a ham for the cam, I know... and the feeling of being on stage has always been one of returning home... so I suppose it makes sense that radio interviews just gave me all the warm happies inside.

I've got to give some serious credit to editing, though. Who doesn't sound like epic ridiculousness when put on the spot!? I'll tell you who: those who haven't had a brilliant editor! So thank goodness two out of the three interviews I did had a chance to breathe and decant before hitting the air waves.

Attempting to play the uke for Sheryl McKay at CBC radio's studio for North by Northwest.

Interviewing with Sheryl McKay for North by Northwest was such a pleasure. It was my first interview of the bunch and she made me feel so comfortable and at home. We chatted about my history with music, my disability, and there's even a small clip of my song Chances! This was such a genuine joy. Just wandering into the CBC hub... seeing the bustle and activity. I suppose, as a fair newbie, I'm a bit star-struck by it all... but I so very much love the concept of it all. All these people, working together to develop a soundtrack of our lives. Walking into these buildings, you see a tapestry being woven... and I was thrilled to be a part of that magic.

Christa Couture (left) and I at CBC Radio's Studio.

For CBC"s Early Edition, you can find a wonderful interview with both Christa Couture and I, hosted by Margaret Gallagher.

Christa and I had been e-mailing back and forth in preparation for the Wingspan show, but this was the first day that we met in person. Not only is she a supremely talented musician and woman, she's incredibly kind and supportive - and she's a hugger, which I appreciated fully, being a hugger myself.

I could immediately recognize her implicit professionalism, and as an aspiring artist I felt humbled and awkward in her presence. And yet, at the same time, I felt as if a kindred spirit had settled beside me. So despite my nerves, a thread of confidence began to weave through the conversation. But again, thank god for editing. I'm a bumbling idiot.

Well, without further ado...

Take a listen here for the Early Edition Show. If you want the cheat code, it's 1:20:30 ;)

SiriusXM's Canada Now:

Well this was a fun one! I'd never been asked for an interview by a Toronto based radio station before. Enter time zone shenanigans. I was told the interview would start at 1pm - great! I'm prepared!

So, at 10am, I'm buck naked and about to step in the shower when my phone rings...

"Are you ready?"

"Uh.. er... whuu.... ... Yeah!"

So, there you go folks, that interview was done a la birthday suit and in a hurry.

I'm currently waiting on their link for the show so you can enjoy it as much as I did... I'm pretty sure all went to plan, aside from the timezone woopsies. We'll find out together, shall we? .... *still waiting*


On stage at The Cultch for Wingspan Dis/Arts's celebration of International Women's Day

On stage at The Cultch for Wingspan Dis/Arts's celebration of International Women's Day.

I feel a little selfish, in a way... Like this whole International Women's Day evening with Wingspan - meant to bring up disabled women artists - was designed specifically for me; to introduce me to such phenomenal women such as Christa Couture and Sarah Jickling; to give me that little kick in the proverbial nuts...

To show me that I might be underselling myself...

That if I just try... I can.

I was saying to someone recently that we're all works in progress. I don't believe that there's any true point that we've actually fully gotten our shit together. "Success" is a mirage that flickers tauntingly at our vision - there, so succulently, at the edge of the horizon - but is always one more goal away.

And while I appreciate the drive that that gives me, in this moment I'm going to stop and appreciate the oasis in front of me; the little cool pool of joy that I've found.

Performing at The Cultch in its Historic Theatre, singing live and raw for the magnificent audience that came and shared their time with us, working with the incredible crew of The Cultch and sharing the stage with Sarah Jickling, Christa Couture, and very importantly, Leslie Roman - who organised and made this whole thing happen, with some sort of superwoman power - was an experience I will never forget.

Thank you to everyone. For everything.

If you've read this far, you might just be one of the amazing people whose only complaint at the end of my set was that I didn't have a CD yet for you to buy...

That's my current goal. I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. I have always wanted this, and you've shown me that I should stop wishing, and start making.

Currently, money is my only obstacle. Vancouver living, am I right!? Maybe I should start up a Kickstarter campaign.... Cheers, everyone. And thank you for your continued support.

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