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Holy donkey buckets making an album costs a lot!!!

Okay, so.. I've decided to stop talking about making an album, and make one.

Turns out this costs A CRAP TON.

I met with a producer today, Harvey Small, based out of The Space Studio's, and chatted out what the pricing is. I knew it was going to be expensive, but I still found it difficult to keep my coffee in my mouth.

Basically there is absolutely no way I can pay for this myself, unless I do like one track every two years. Woo, 20 years later I'll have my album! *Insert stretched mouth and crazy eyes face here*

Good thing there are grants and gofundme's, hey?

So that's where I'm starting. I'm in the process of applying for a FACTOR (The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings) grant, and for the Amplify BC's grant as well. This should, hopefully, cover up to %75 percent of the costs - assuming I actually get the grants, and the maximum amounts they're talking about dolling out to us poor album recording noobs.

This still means I've got to pay for %25 of the project, (it's a rule through Amplify BC that requires the applicant to pay for %25 out of pocket, or through crowd funding), which is looking like a good 3k. Hopefully less, but I'm budgeting on the high side to ensure that I can at least pay for one to two good songs out of this whole process.

I've started up a gofundme in hopes that people might be interested in sort of "pre-paying" for the music I make. I picked gofundme over kickstarter because gofundme doesn't have an all or nothing policy. I don't know that I have enough social presence or exposure to actually fill my 3k goal. That being said, every penny raised, thirty bucks or three thousand, all of it will go towards music; I'm going to make an album if I have to go song by song, year by year.

If any of you are interested in helping out, you have my undying love and gratitude. Life in Vancouver is expensive, and adding on my disability and all... I just can't work enough to pay for these things up front. I'm hoping for this to be considered less a charity, though, and more as a you guys simply pre-paying for the music I'm going to produce for you.

Check out my gofundme or for those of you who'd prefer to e-transfer (which is actually better because gofundme takes a pretty decent chunk) my e-mail address is

Thanks so much everyone! And I can't wait to share the music I make with you!!

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